Why Trust Business Wire To Distribute Your News?

For more than 50 years, Business Wire has delivered critical communications for everyone from start-ups to the Fortune 500.

BIO has aligned with Business Wire to help you effectively distribute your news releases with easy, powerful and targeted tools at preferred pricing. Business Wire also delivers multimedia and financial disclosure news around the world, provides valuable measurement data and offers special targeting options.

BIO members can save a minimum of 10% on all news release distribution circuits and more when you bundle in any of our additional services.

Some Additional Services From Business Wire

Workiva Partnership - Utilize Workiva's Wdesk to submit financial press releases directly to Business Wire through a secure, file-transfer process

EDGAR formatting and filing services

XBRL Services

IPO Services

VentureBeat – direct distribution to the venture capital investment community

Public Policy Wire

Interactive Media - bundle interactive content with your news release, dramatically improving engagement



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